Intergenerational Living


The Kohab provides a new way for people across the ages to live together and support each other, just like we all used to. We provide quality homes for you to live in comfort in cities, with amenity spaces, events and activities, all supported by excellent Kohab customer service.

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Comfortable and Spacious Urban Living

All our residents have their own private flats. We take meticulous care over the design and finishing of our spaces, while also providing you with the flexibility to customise and furnish your home however you wish. All of our properties provide generous communal facilities and are located close to amenities, key transport links and open spaces, to allow you to be as independent and active as you wish.


Intergenerational Communities

All our spaces have some young adults living in them at adjusted rents in exchange for taking responsibility for the organisation of community events and activities. This provides variety and enrichens our community, allowing all our residents to share life-experience and learn from each other. The Kohab is for those who do not want to live exclusively around those of the same age.

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We know that maintenance and bills are a pain. Our professional on-site customer service team can take care of all the hassle associated with property, allowing you to spend your time and energy on the things you value. Our friendly team are here to look out for you, but not to look after you.

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All our spaces include resident amenities such as lounges, libraries and communal gardens. We regularly host activities such as communal meals, film nights and yoga classes. You can participate in as many or as few as you wish, or can organise your own.

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