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Our community brings people together across the ages to support and learn from each other. It enables you to form natural neighbourly relationships which have become so difficult to have while living in cities today.


Jonathan, 81

Jonathan considers himself ‘young at heart’. When he was looking to downsize, he knew he wanted to be somewhere where he could remain active, have complete privacy, but also be in close proximity to other people. He looked at some retirement homes, but couldn’t bear the idea of living only around people of the same age.

We love playing chess together and talking about the history books we are each reading. We both have different views and interpretations, but that’s what makes our discussions so interesting

Tom, 25

Tom is studying a PhD in History. When looking for accommodation, he hated all the student house shares that were on offer and wanted to be somewhere with more of a family feel. He loves listening to people much older than him talk about their experiences and understanding their different perspective on historic events.


Allison, 73

Allison wanted an easy-to-manage two bed flat that was spacious enough that she can have her daughter and grandchildren to stay for weekends without them feeling like they are living on top of each other! She is the first to admit that technology is not her strong-suit, and really values the support she gets from her younger neighbours when she is having issues with her iPad.

We both want to be somewhere that resembles a family style living arrangement, where we can all have our privacy but also be part of a community that supports and looks out for each other.

Laura, 22

Laura is embarking on a career as a professional musician. She finds it tough, but is helped by the support and life advice she gets from her neighbours. She really enjoys hosting weekly technology drop-in sessions for those having difficulty with their computers or smart-phones. She is now friends with most of her neighbors on Facebook!


Kathy and Christopher have been married for over 50 years and have no intention of ever living apart, despite Christopher being a lot less mobile than he used to be. They want to be somewhere that allows Kathy to keep her active social life but also do things together when Christopher feels up to it. Living close to local amenities is vital for them to feel integrated into the wider community.